Let’s change your mindset to help you believe it too. 

You’re probably a busy entrepreneur or mother who has a lot on her plate. You take care of your family, your business, and your day is spent scheduling, delegating, and giving. 

Any of these
sound familiar? 

You know you’re meant for more, but you haven’t discovered a path to fulfill your life’s purpose. 

You’ve hit a block in your career and don’t know how to move forward.

You feel like no matter how hard you work you can’t grow your income or scale with impact.

You feel like you’re on the edge of change and manifesting your dreams but can’t quite push through.

But when do you have time to take care of the most important person in your life? You!

If you're nodding your head while reading this,
I've got just the thing... 

A no-nonsense vision board course that helps you trust your intuition, become your best self, and make changes that reflect what your heart truly desires.  

This isn’t just a course that teaches you how to make a vision board. It is a self-empowerment journey where you learn how to have it all.

The power to manifest is within you.

Let’s unleash it with

‘Sacred Reinvention - Manifesting Your Life From The Inside Out’

Ready to start living the life you’ve always wanted?


About the creator behind Sacred Reinvention:

a grateful entrepreneur,
an introverted extrovert (it exists),
an empty nester,
and a manifestation and life mentor dedicated to helping you have it all.

Hi, I’m Carole!

I’m here to drop some truth bombs

No matter what you believe or what circumstances you come from, you can take your power back and live the life of your dreams. 

How do I know this? I’ve been there myself.  

I lived in survival mode for most of my life. I scraped by living paycheck to paycheck. I chose careers and relationships that both undervalued and hurt me. 

I didn't understand the vibrational power of setting an intention or that I was the sole creator of my reality. 

When I reflected internally and gave myself permission to dream big, the divine in me matched with the universe. 

And vision boards were the actionable tool that provided everything; a flow of abundance, success, incredible health, fulfillment and loving relationships. 

I’m living a pinch-me life I never dreamed possible. 

Now that I have stepped into my potential, I can't wait to help you do the same. It starts by making a choice.
Are you ready to give yourself permission?  

Vision boards work - as long as you believe in yourself and take inspired action! 

In this 5-module course, I will teach you how to create a vision board to manifest the life you deserve.  

Here’s what you’ll receive to up-level your life; 

The secret behind changing your reality!

The ONE thing you need to do to change your mindset and be UNSTOPPABLE! 

Guided exercises to gain clarity on your vision and goals for your future life.
In-depth videos empowering you through each step with self-love and intention.

Practical actions and tools to tap into your confidence and live your true self.  

Powerful self-love meditations to help you remove
limiting beliefs!

How to let go and honor your vision!

A progress tracker to keep you on track to manifest your desired reality!

How do I know this course is right for you? 

You're ready to up-level your life from the inside out
You’re ready to leverage practical principles to generate abundance and success

You're ready to feel enough as the woman you are  

You're ready to live a life of fulfillment, empowerment, and confidence 

You’re ready to attract a life partner or spouse who loves and values you for you

It’s time to step into your highest self

If you think vision boards or manifestations are buzzwords, then you haven’t heard of the success stories of women like you who made their dreams come true;

Carole Baker is an inspiration as a woman, a creator and a grateful soul.
I am thankful to such an amazing human for coming into my life when I needed it the most. Sacred Reinvention is an invaluable program and I am still using the techniques I learned daily. I am able to ask for what I need from the universe and also take time for self care. The inspiration I have gained is priceless!

Andrea Abedi 

"I crossed paths with Carole in business, but soon came to know her at a much deeper level due to her exuberant and loving nature. Our relationship grew in both business and friendship. I have been able to not only see her work with others as life-changing but also as a massive inspiration to myself! The way she teaches Manifestation, Meditation, and Mindfulness in such a unique and authentic way is genius. It is truly her zone of genius. Anyone who has a chance to learn and be inspired by Carole is truly blessed in this life!"

Lindsey Reyes

This course came at the right time in my life. I knew I needed to work on myself emotionally and spiritually. Carol gave me the tools to effectively learn how to meditate and manifest what I want out of life in a simplistic way. Her compassion for helping others is clearly her calling and very motivating. I look forward to a brighter future!

Cheryl R.

Carole Baker’s Sacred Reinvention course is so worth it. From the very beginning, just having the opportunity to connect with other people who are looking to enhance different aspects of their lives through a fun and engaging process, using various exercises. I love the positive thinking and getting into a higher vibration. 

Jennifer Villela

A natural-born leader and innovator, Carole is constantly challenging the status quo on what it means to live intentionally and with joy. She is serious about helping those with the foresight and commitment to become more aware of and committed to improving their purposeful thought, intentions, and mindfulness. Any opportunity to learn from Carole will be enjoyable, lighthearted, and privileged. Carole's work is about our future, and why being purposeful far outweighs any other option. You are sure to learn something new about yourself (surprise!) while becoming more intentional about who and how you want to be in your future.

Isabelle Baker

For only $199, you’ll receive;

Videos, actionable tools, and exercises to help you create, appreciate and celebrate the life you dream of having

A progress tracker to take inspired positive action 

And self-love meditations designed to help you break through limiting beliefs

Enroll to begin your transformation

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a self-paced online course designed to be a visual mindset guide that helps you grow, empower, and manifest the life you deserve. 

How long do I have access to the course?

How about a lifetime of access to manifesting your heart’s deepest desires? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like.

I already have experience creating vision boards, will this course still help me?

Yes, Absolutely! Even if you already use vision boards in your daily practice, this course will help improve your mindset, provide tools that motivate you to accomplish your goals, and teach you how to manifest your DREAM life quicker and with ease. It goes deeper than creating a vision board and helps you unlock self-love, self-acceptance, and confidence. 

When can I expect to see results?

It varies from person to person. Some people experience instant results, and some receive their desired results after months of practicing. Your desired results depend on your mindset, practice, current circumstances, and ability to let go. 

What if I only want to manifest one thing? Can I still take this course?

Of course. Throughout the course, the information and tools will guide you to manifest anything you want, whether it's one area you want to improve or a complete life transformation - the decision is yours. 

You have what it takes to manifest the unbelievable. Every. Single. Day. 

Here’s to your new mindset. One that is hopeful, at peace, and enthusiastic about reshaping your future. 

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